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AG RF Engineering & ConsultingPushing the Innovation

Our services

RF Design

RF & Microwave Design. Antenna, Amplifier, Filter, Mixers, Tranceiver Modules,

RF Systems




EDA Customizations

AWR Add-Ons,
Windows Productivity Tools,

EDA  Libraries

3D Geom Models,

S-Parameters, SPICE,


ANs and Reports


EM-Spice vs EM model (0-6GHz) EM-Spice vs EM Model (0-6GHz)

EM-Spice Models Service

EM-SPICE Models Extraction provides high precision models with similar precision as EM Simulation.

Other benefits are:

  • Compact size
  • Wide frequency range 
  • Feasibility because of physical nature of extracted circuit
  • Wide impedance range
  • No Source-Sync issues


  • Signal Integrity analysis​
  • Models of library components
  • Analog spice simulation, time and frequency domain
  • IBIS and spice models blocks
  • PCB, Laminate, LTCC and other package type extractions


Learn more about EM-SPICE Models

MMIC LNA HF Layout block

HF Layout Block Service

AG RF Engineering & Consulting offers new service to their customers - reference layout for HF and Digital high-speed signal components.

In this way we solve HF integration problem of the component, eliminating couplings and matching issues on PCB.

Layout has parameterization to match custome requirements. It allows also the customer without significant HF knowledge use HF blocks in his layout. Some final optmization on the board and SI analysis report can be done on request.

Key features:

  • HF Optimized layout
  • Parameterized layout to match stack-up
  • IPC footprint
  • If exist include simulation model
  • Farther analysis for different scenarion possible
  • Avilable for diffeent tools

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Our Mission

We are bringing design and verification of RF devices on new level using last innovations in the software (EDA) and hardware industries. This let us and our customers realize complex design projects in shortest time with highest quality through

Keys to Success:

  • Understanding of processes
  • High quality models for correct prediction of performances
  • Innovative simulation tools and methods
  • Automation of design processes

Understand  Innovate Implement

Our Offer

RF Designs

  • Low-Noise Amplifiers, Filters, Antennas (passive and active) and antenna Systems, Balance circuits, etc.
  • Integration of components on PCB
  • Technologies: Leadframe Package technology, LTCC, Laminate, PCB
  • Applications: 3G,4G,5G, Radar (24GHz), WiFi, DVBT and SAT TV, GPS

Software. EDA, CAD, CAM 

  • Design Flow extensions for AWR MWO, AutoCAD, Zuken and Ansys HFSS
  • AWR Process Design Kits (PDKs) for PCB, LTCC, Laminate
  • Component Libraries for AWR MWO
  • Symbols, Footprints and RF Reference Layouts for MMIC LNAs, Switches, etc. (Cadence, Mentor, AWR MWO, ADS, Eagle, etc.)

Design services

  • RF System and Circuits design
  • Design Prototyping
  • Electric Models Extraction
  • Signal Integrity, Power Integrity and EMC Analysis
  • High-Speed Digital design
  • 3D Models
  • Thermal and mechanic simulation

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